Planète-Sciences is a french association which aims at promoting science and new technologies, especially among young people. It has been organizing since 1998 the competition Eurobot. This is a robotic challenge which gathers students and other robotic enthusiasts.

Every year, this event puts together for the time of a wee-end :

  • 30 different nationalities,
  • 300 teams,
  • and 4500 students.

This event, unique in Europe, combines entertainment, high technology, creativity, know-how and passion! This world-renowned competition draws teams from many prestigious institutions :

  • french BTS and IUT (Cachan, Ville d'Avray),
  • engineering schools (Polytechnique, Insa, EFREI, ISEP....),
  • national and international universities of technology (La Sorbonne, EPFL (Switzerland)...).

The principle of this challenge is to propose each year a different theme as a pretext for the competition and for the development of autonomous robots. At the begin of September is published the subject of the competition. Then each team has at one's disposal about 8 months to design a robot, and maybe... win the Cup!

Eurobot, more than a challenge, a festival

Ambiance during Eurobot looks more like a robotic festival rather than a severe competition. After years, many events have plugged around the challenge. They are gathered under the name of Artec festival.

The 5 major events of this celebration week are :

  • French Robotic Cup, attended by 4500 students from the whole panel of french schools and universities dealing with robotics,
  • European Robotic Cup, which celebrates this year it's 10th birthday and will be disputed this year in La Ferté-Bernard. 69 teams from 30 nations are expected,
  • Artistic animations spectacular and popular, open to everyone,
  • Spectacles and free concerts each evening,
  • Adapted robotic competitions are prepared for children and pupils.

ARTEC symbolizes the passion which gathers around new technology