Supply - Robot power supply and battery charger

Status: Successfully used for Eurobot 2012.

The power supply board provides the following outputs from a 12 V lead acid battery:

  • 5 V @ 3 A, for digital boards,
  • 6 V @ 3 A, supposed to be used for servo motors,
  • 24 V @ 1.2 A, for industrial sensors.

When an external power (between 8 V and 18 V) is plugged into the supply board, it is used to supply the robot instead of the battery. This external power is also used to charge the 12 V battery and another 24 V battery (used for high current actuators).

Board description.

Link to repository.


Picture of first supply board version

The patch for the first board version, not needed anymore:

The patch to handle battery charging at a reasonable speed