Development board

Status: USB is working fine, need to clean XSVF, ethernet will not be implemented.

This development board is aimed at robotic development, providing an embedded easy to use development interface to the robot.

Its main features are:

  • embeddable, provide a single development port to access all your robot boards ;
  • single USB interface or Ethernet interface ;
  • program up to 4 AVR microcontrollers without unplugging any connector ;
  • access up to 4 serial ports (only one at a time), without unplugging any connector ;
  • program JTAG addressable devices using a XSVF file ;
  • provide a general purpose 8 bit port ;
  • easy to bootstrap using USB, you do not need a programmer to make this programmer.

It is based on a AVR AT90USB162 microcontroller, providing a cheap USB solution, and an optional Microchip ENC28J60 for ethernet access.

Link to repository.