Mimot - Mini Motor control

Status: Successfully used since Eurobot 2010.

This board is able to control two motors and including the power stage.

Its main features are:

  • control up to 2 motors,
  • differential drive and trajectory control,
  • position PID control,
  • acceleration limited speed,
  • blocking detection,
  • consign change at any time,
  • serial and i2c interface,
  • decode incremental encoder signals,
  • integrated power stage, 9 V to 28 V @ 5 A,
  • current measure by the microcontroler,
  • simulated motor models,
  • extra unused connections.

It is based on an AVR ATmega32 microcontroller, together with a XC9536 CPLD used to decode encoder signals. Power output is provided by two MC33887 integrated bridges.

Link to repository.


Mimot PCB