Mailing-list etiquette

Summary (2 minutes rules)

  • any emails written to the mailing-list must contain at least one tag in the subject ;
  • do not create new tags but use the ones described in this page ;
  • when you reply to an email, always check subject for any tags updates: remove unnecessary tags (i.e. removing [RECAP]), add required one (''i.e. adding [hs]'') ;
  • always do bottom posting. Top posting is prohibited!

Any disrespect to one of those rules will lead to forfeits.

Too much emails...

Communication is an important point for efficient team work. But the more we use our mailing-list to communicate, the more the amount of emails exchanged increases...

In order to improve the time lost on reading all the discussions, we have decided to add some tags in the subject of every emails. This way, it will be easy for everyone to filter and organize emails.

General advises

First of all, the subject of the email is the most important part of the message! It must be clear and concise! Do not forget to update it when subjects change!

Recipient is also important. If the email is for everyone, put the mailing-list address into the the To: field. If you want to catch someone attention (because you need an answer from this person), put its email address into the To: field and the mailing-list address into the Cc: field.

Emails directly between people without the usage of the mailing-list is allowed but required the use of the [APBTeam] tags.


Tags correspond to the domains or topics of the emails. A subject can contains multiple tags ; there are contained into brackets: [topic1] [topic2] My email subject

Here is the full list of tags with some examples (please, do not create tags without discussing the need of it. The less tags we have, the easier it will be to filter emails)


For analogical electronic (power supply, motor power board, ...)


For numerical electronic (asserv, io and dev boards, AVR, ...)


For everything running on PC (robot simulator, scripts, ...)


For everything about mechanical (mechanical design, ...)


For strategical discussions (wining strategy, ...)


For administrative subjects (association, insurance, ...)


For every outside communications topics (sponsors, wordpress website, newsletter, ...)


For internal organization (meetings, mailing-list, project management, trac, ...)


For everything that is not relevant (jokes, trolls, ...)


For urgent message that need to be read first (date changes, informations required, ...)


Summary email after a long discussion (useful when you want to read the whole thread)


For emails not sent with the mailing-list system (private emails, ...)